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Pushback Pallet Racks – High Density Storage Systems

Pushback Pallet Racks increases the pallet count, while offering many more pick faces than traditional high-density storage systems like drive-in. Push back racking systems are available from 2 to 6 pallets deep per storage lane. Push back rack is ideal for LIFO and FIFO systems, with up to 75 percent more storage capacity than a selective rack system. Push back racking combines the self-positioning feature of flow racks with the high density of drive-in systems. Ask us about our new and used Pushback systems in inventory today.

pushback pallet racks
how pushback racks work

Pushback pallet racks can increase existing storage space by up to 75%. These pallet warehouse racks offer the flexibility to store multiple SKU’s and eliminates aisles previously needed in a selective rack environment. These systems are front loading/unloading which ultimately reduces labor costs.

With the ability to move pallet loads on a series of nesting carts, pallets are fed forward by gravity on rigid structural steel rails with LIFO stock rotation. This improves accessibility to a range of SKUs faster and easier.

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