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Dock Levelers

Plates made from high grade “diamond deck” aluminum carry manual traffic. Perfect for hand truck or pallet jack use (within capacities). Lock legs, 11″ lip and hand cutouts make using this plate safe and quick. Capacities are verified thru testing for ANSI standard. Never to be used with motorized traffic.
dock levelers

Steel Yard Ramps

Bluff’s Yard Ramps are the most copied design on the market. Our deep side members not only prevent run off for forklift use but also provide the strongest load member currently in use. If your need is to get a lift truck from the ground to the dock, from the ground into a trailer or to get your fleet of trucks into the building at night a Bluff Loading Ramp is the right choice.
steel yard ramps

Container Ramps

The Bluff Container Ramp is the perfect answer to your need to load and unload shipping containers. It allows you to safely navigate the transition from ground to the bed of the container. These Ramps feature: full width stiffener which adds strength against the container. Locking chains with a specially designed keeper which easily lock it into the container. Sturdy grab notch bracket welded to the sides of the Ramp. The result is a safe, sturdy ramp locked firmly to the container. You can now load and unload your container safely – AND QUICKLY!
container ramps

Mini Ramps

The one that started it all the Bluff (SYS) Yardramp has a new little brother. Don’t interpret incorrectly thinking that small means “not as tough”. There are a world of applications that have a target height that is one-half or less of normal dock height. When your high side is 33” or less you might consider this economical solution. With the optional mobility package the Mini does not need the hydraulic actuated undercarriage to move it to the work. Two screw jacks with rigid steel casters are mounted at the balance point and a couple of people can move it on a hard surface. Floor plate approach both top and bottom insure a long life on the grating whether you are using manual equipment or forklift trucks. Capacities start at 12,000# and go up from there. Widths of 70” & 84” and lengths starting at 15’. Call for special sizes and capacities.
mini ramps

Warehouse Dock Steel Platforms

Steel Platforms are a perfect solution for remote shipping docks (loading docks). Our heavy line of steel decked solutions start at 16,000 lbs and go from there. Used one at a time or ganged for multiple dock positions, you shipping or receiving area can be enlarged quickly. 8″ high curbs can be configured for your specific need.
warehouse dock steel platforms

Hook and Apron Walkramps

Series WR29
  • Width overall 28 3/4″
  • Width usable 26 1/4″
  • Side rail height 4 1/4″
  • Curb height 3 1/4″
  • Hooks at 24 12″ centers
  • Series WR39 – Width overall 39 1/2″
  • Width Usable 37″
  • Side rail height 4 1/4″
  • Curb height 3 1/4″
hook and apron

Warehouse Dock Wheel Risers

For the dock that is consistently too high for the trucks you receive, your most economical solution may be wheel risers by Bluff. Manufactured in both steel and aluminum they come in a variety of sizes, both length and width as well as capacities that start at 30,000 lbs.
warehouse dock wheel risers

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