We Sell New & Used Mezzanines

Space issues such as expensive leased space, land cost at an all-time high and construction may be scary factors to face when it comes time to look for a bigger space for your business. Call Russell Industries to see how you can maximize your current space before taking on a big purchase of a new warehouse.

A mezzanine rack system may be a great option for you because it uses height instead of valuable floor space. You can maintain movement through utilization of both the floor-level of your warehouse and the platform-level of the mezzanine maximizing available space. The three types of Mezzanines we offer are:

High Density Catwalk Mezzanine

High Density Catwalk Mezzanine

A High-Density Shelving Mezzanine has many advantages including doubling your shelving size in the same area and effectively using space you already have. In this application (once filled), fast moving parts will be stored on the bottom with slower moving items stored up top. Steel shelving is an extremely effective means of storing medium sized parts or tools (generally up to 400# UDL). It allows quick visibility and a way to sort items.

A custom-built staircase and handrail system has been added for accessing the top space and ensuring safety. In a higher volume setting (optional), a larger landing with a “pallet drop” can be added so that employee can stage pallets upstairs and reduce walking up and down stairs. Russell Industries always takes in account when designing to determine dead loads (anything permanent) or live loads (pallet jacks, people). This particular design did not require a landing because the top only housed very slow-moving parts (but, still critical for the plant’s maintenance) and is rated at 250 # per SF to meet OSHA requirements.

Full Mat Mezzanines

Full mat mezzanine storage systems provide the features of both freestanding and catwalk mezzanine storage systems. They can be installed over existing workplace areas or shelving and come with an open second level.

Catwalk Mezzanines

This type of mezzanine storage system consists of walkways or aisles that are suspended from the first level of shelving, and in between, or adjacent to a second level of shelving rows, to allow access to the product stored on the second level. Both levels of shelving are configured the same.

Freestanding Mezzanines

Generally considered a fixture within the facility, freestanding mezzanine storage systems are supported by structural columns that are bolted to the floor, taking up minimal space. In situations where loading requirements or usual configurations are not considered important factors, this type of mezzanine proves the ideal solution.

Some of the benefits of using a mezzanine rack to maximize valuable floor space include:

  • Column spans are available up to 22 feet but custom designs can go larger
  • Simple to install and disassemble; can grow with your business
  • Increase storage without taking on extra expenses of a new warehouse such as lease payments and construction
  • Durable and top-of-the-line appearance with powder-coat paint

A mezzanine rack may be the right solution for your business if you are looking to avoid moving your entire business to a new location. Your exclusive mezzanine design and quality controlled fabrication ensure a quick and easy installation with a minimal amount of labor.