Modular In-Plant Office Systems For Sale

In the market for modular in-plant offices? Our modular office systems provide a fast and affordable solution to your warehouse, factory, or government facility needs. At Pallet Rack Systems, we create in-plant modular offices uniquely for your facility’s standards and specifications.

Because there is no on-site fabrication, there is less mess. This can be especially important in areas where dust and debris could interfere with sensitive manufacturing operations. On average, you can anticipate about a 50% time savings when using our modular in-plant office design to construct offices inside your facility. Call us at (713) 692-7225 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

What Are Modular In-Plant Offices?

Because all the building components have already been designed and fabricated at our plant, modular construction can be used to quickly create a series of offices inside your facility that foster a quiet, clean, and comfortable work space. Compared to conventionally constructed offices, modular in-plant office systems are much faster and more affordable. Faster installation means less disruption to your daily business operations.

Modular offices can be installed almost anywhere in your facility. If you have higher ceilings, you can have the entire system constructed on top of one of our mezzanines. This way, you create the office system you need while keeping the space below free for other uses. Also, if you ever need to redesign the layout of your facility, you can easily modify your modular in-plant office to accommodate the new layout.

Benefits of Modular In-Plant Offices Include:

  • Saves time & disruption: Modular construction saves you about half the time as conventionally constructed offices. Pre-designed and pre-fabricated components result in less disruption to your daily operations and less construction waste.
  • Noise reduction ratings: With sound transmission class (STC) ratings up to 47 and average dB reduction levels up to 48, our modular in-plant offices ensure your employees are protected from loud machinery or factory surroundings so they can focus and complete tasks more efficiently.
  • Privacy & security: If you need to keep certain operations protected from unauthorized personnel, modular rooms can be equipped with custom security features to limit access or visibility.
  • Temperature control: In-plant offices can be equipped with full HVAC units to keep your team comfortable.
  • Unlimited size: Especially when outfitted with modular wall partitions, our modular structures can accommodate any-sized team, whether you need to office one or dozens of employees.
  • Multiple stories: Modular in-plant offices can be easily designed to create two story structures, increasing overall workspace without expanding your final structure’s footprint. You create the office system you need while keeping the space below free for other uses.

We Sell Modular In-Plant Office Systems Year Round!

Call us today at (713) 692-7225 for a quote and more information on our Modular In-Plant Office Systems. We offer maintenance-free construction and fast delivery - with some models available in 10 working days or less!