Project Spotlight

Steel Observation Tower with Porta-King Dura Steel Building on Top

February 17, 2022

Everything about this tower installation was another first for us at Pallet Rack Systems. Starting with the impassable road to the tower pad – absolutely no truck could get get through. We had to bring down our telehandler and unload the truck on the dirt road, then move the bundles and columns up the hill 1 bundle at a time. We lost a full day just unloading and moving material where it was going to be installed, and we still completed this project in just four days!

After all of our building material was relocated, the next step was to get the crane on site for the pick. The customer cut the road in so the crane could get to the building site no problem. Then, we strapped the building to our crane and set it on top of the tower.

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September 14, 2022

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