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Steel Observation Deck Completed in Austin, Texas

October 18, 2021
We were hired to build this heavy-duty tower for a customer who needed an observation deck to give their buyers a 360° view of the property from 35’ in the air right off the Colorado river. This is a closed gate community with high-end custom homes.
With over 50 years in the installation business, we’ve seen our share of obstacles before, but nothing compares to this observation deck installation. We needed to install a Porta-King tower on a concrete pad on top of a hill overlooking the Colorado River just outside of Austin, Texas. The logistics were crazy to say the least.
First thing we had to do is make a trip there to ensure the 37 foot tower parts could make it up the hill through a 14 foot wide make-shift gravel trail – where no truck or 18-wheeler would even think of traversing. Our contractor stepped up and made the call to unload the truck and get all the tower material up the hill for us to install. Then we just had to wait for the concrete to dry so our tower installation could begin.
Our customer asked us to finish this 10-day installation in just 5 working days – so the race was on. Thanks to our great installation team, we beat our deadline and finished installation ahead of schedule. Great challenges create great possibilities. When projects bring obstacles, we maneuver around them to get the job done.

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Steel Observation Deck Completed in Austin, Texas

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