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Pallet Rack Mezzanine Completed

June 22, 2021
We just completed this pallet rack mezzanine project that includes storage downstairs and upstairs – all condensed in a small floor space. If you have space issues, a pallet rack mezzanine system may be your best bet because it utilizes height instead of valuable floor space. Call us today to see how you can maximize your current space with pallet rack mezzanine systems!
Pallet rack mezzanines are designed to dictate your rack sizes, type of racking, and number of sections. One of the great features to a mezzanine is that as your business expands, this pallet rack can expand along with you. You can add more sections to your system as needed and you can design this material handling equipment to make your items easily accessible from all sides.

Benefits of Pallet Rack Mezzanine Systems:


One of the most difficult hurdles for warehouses is outgrowing your current space. As your business grows, so do your storage needs. The flexibility of the pallet rack mezzanine allows you to modify your storage space as your needs change. They easily help provide a new amount of space whether your warehouse is used for carton flow, cantilever storage, and pallet gates.

Keep Your Current Space

Many warehouse facilities run out of storage space. Pallet rack mezzanine systems allow you to increase your storage space without moving into a new facility. Even in smaller spaces, mezzanines can the best solution for your storage challenges. Even though a new facility or building extension might seem like the best move, it is still an expensive option and requires plenty of logistical headaches while moving.


Another advantage of a warehouse mezzanine is that it is the cheapest option when you need extra storage space in your facility. You will definitely save money with installation versus a new facility, building extension, or freestanding mezzanine. You won’t have to spend time installing footing or making sure that the mezzanine is securely supported so employees feel safe. With the pallet rack mezzanine, you can easily install and have storage space available in a secure manner that also looks visually appealing. The quick and easy installation saves you time and money.

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