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Pallet Automation System Installation in Nebraska

January 10, 2022
This Pallet Automation Storage installation was for a new manufacturer in Nebraska. They needed high-density pallet storage with minimum area available.
One of the biggest challenges with this installation was the fact that the customer had a space for pallets to be stored along with the pallets they wanted to store in the same area we were installing the system. There was no room for us to shoot the entire floor – which is the first thing you do when you hit the ground on a pallet system like this. Once the floor is shot and the shim adjustments are in place for all the uprights to be level, then the installation can start. This is critical for the pallet shuttle to operate without getting snagged in the system somewhere.
With a Pallet Automation System, there is no longer a need for the forklift to drive in to get a pallet out of the racking. All the operator needs to do is tell the shuttle to go and get the pallet he needs and bring it to the front of the rack via remote control. As the shuttle goes and moves the pallets to the back of the system, to the front of the system where the operator needs the pallet.
Then, the forklift operator can grab it and move it to wherever it needs to go, whether it’s getting shipped our or going to manufacturing. After all was said and done, this project produced a new satisfied customer – with enough room in the warehouse for another system in the future.

Pallet Automation System Installation in Nebraska

January 10, 2022

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