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Increase productivity and reduce operating costs with our warehouse solutions for fulfillment companies. Racking and shelving plays such a vital role for the operations of your fulfillment center. Not only can the right type of racking store goods – it can dramatically improve facility efficiency, accessibility, and employee safety. From storing pallets for convenient access to creating highly efficient picking modules, let us help you find the best racking options so you and your team can better meet your goals.

How We Optimize Your Warehouse

Pallet Rack Industries, a division of Russell Industries, specialize in consulting, design and layout service. If you are looking to increase productivity and reduce operating costs by building a new warehouse or reorganizing your old one, Russell Industries offers a full service consultation at no additional charge to design a new productive work environment for you and your employees.

Our Design Consulting Process

How We Optimize Your Warehouse

Assess Your Space

We measure the space and fixed obstacles such as doors, walls, posts and clearances.

Understand Storage Needs

Know the product to be stored and all of its characteristics (storage condition, replenishment, perishable, and unit handling loads).

Create Flow Paths

Create the material flow paths that will be most efficient for your business.

Acquire Proper Equipment

Determine auxiliary facility requirements.

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