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Catwalk Mezzanine Installation

March 27, 2023

Pallet Rack Systems, a leading warehouse storage solutions provider in Houston, Texas, is proud to showcase a recent catwalk mezzanine installation project that we completed for one of our valued clients. Utilizing our expertise in pallet rack systems, we were able to construct a robust and efficient catwalk mezzanine tailored to our client’s needs.

The client purchased the pallet rack materials and entrusted us with the task of assembling and installing the catwalk mezzanine in their facility. Our team of experienced professionals followed a meticulous process to ensure that the final product met our high-quality standards and the client’s expectations.

  1. Standing the Pallet Rack: The first step in the installation process involved setting up the pallet rack upright frames. These frames were carefully positioned and secured to the floor, creating a sturdy foundation for the entire mezzanine structure.

  2. Installing Bar Grating Supports: Once the pallet rack uprights were in place, our team proceeded to install the bar grating supports. These horizontal supports were carefully positioned between the upright frames and secured in place, providing a solid base for the bar grating.

  3. Laying the Bar Grating: With the supports in place, our team then laid out the bar grating panels on top of the supports. This heavy-duty flooring material was chosen for its durability and ability to support the weight of materials and personnel that would be utilizing the mezzanine.

  4. Securing the Bar Grating: After the grating panels were in position, our team used specialized clamps to secure them to the supports, ensuring a strong and stable walking surface for the mezzanine level.

  5. Installing Beams and Wire Decks: The next phase of the project involved installing the beams and wire decks on the top levels of the pallet rack. These components were carefully positioned and secured, creating additional storage space above the mezzanine level.

  6. Installing Handrails and Kick Plates: To ensure the safety of those using the catwalk mezzanine, our team installed handrails and kick plates around the perimeter. These elements provided an added layer of protection, preventing accidents and falls from the elevated platform.

  7. Setting up the Gate: With the handrails and kick plates in place, our team proceeded to install a safety gate at the access point of the mezzanine. This gate allowed for easy and secure entry and exit while preventing unauthorized access.

  8. Installing the Stairway and Landing: The final step in the installation process involved assembling and installing a stairway and landing to provide easy and safe access to the catwalk mezzanine. The stairway was securely anchored to both the mezzanine level and the floor below, ensuring a stable and durable connection.

At Pallet Rack Systems, we are committed to providing top-quality warehouse storage solutions that maximize efficiency and safety. This catwalk mezzanine installation is just one example of the many projects we have completed for our satisfied clients in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. If you are considering a mezzanine or pallet rack system for your facility, contact us today to discuss your needs and let our team of experts help you design the perfect solution.

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