Project Spotlight

2 Million Pounds Installation in Florida

April 27, 2021

Day 1

Earlier this April, we started a large installation in Florida. The first day, we unloaded eight trucks and laid the floor out to get the racking up. Typically, we can head down to a constrcution site and immediately start the installation. But on this site, there was no permanent power and the limited power it did have was also being used by all the other contractors.
We need to deliver a finished product for our customer without lighting above the rack so we can see our lines. Once the other contractors are done and turn the lights on, our rack has to be plumb and level, which we won’t be able to see until the owner takes over the building and starts paying the electric bill.

Day 2

We are currently waiting on the factory for more materials to install. This is the problem with larger projects – we are constantly waiting on materials to be manufactured and delivered. We can usually install the racking faster than the factory can make and deliver it.

Day 3

Day 5

Fifth day on the site we stood up 180 uprights. Finished ahead of schedule and still waiting on th truck to delivery materials from the factory.

Day 6

Day 7

Week 2

Still waiting on materials. Our team is able to work through logistical snags like this no problem.

Week 3

Selective racking in the freezer is almost complete. We’re also about halfway through with the drive-in rack section of the installation.

Week 5

We’re catching up with the general contractor. This job is coming together nicely. We hav about 10 more working days on the freezer, then on to the cooler.


We finally completed this massive project in Florida. Finished everything on time and under budget!

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