Teardrop Pallet Rack

Rolled Formed Pallet Rack is more commonly known as Teardrop Pallet Rack. This rack is considered to be the industry's most economical and efficient (not to mention most popular) way to store pallets or bulk boxes. Today there are many different kinds of pallet rack manufacturers, some in which are no longer around. This draws concern to many when it comes to adding to already existing rack. Luckily all thanks to the popular "teardrop" design, this rack is able to be interchange with many manufacturers who make the teardrop design.

The columns of these uprights have holes that are shaped like teardrops, hence the nickname. Pallets rest on horizontal load beams. Beam levels are able to be adjusted to make different heights or reinforced to hold varieties of weight. Not to mention assembly of this rack is simple and able to be done quickly all because there is not a need for fasteners or clips.

Teardrop style of selective pallet rack works great on getting you the most storage space available for your warehouse. Russell Industries understands our customers pay for every square inch of their warehouse so to not maximize your space is simply a waste of money. So why not add on today!