Warehouse Rack Relocation

Warehouse Rack Relocation Services

If you’re relocating your warehouse and have a huge checklist, our warehouse rack relocation services will help get the job done quick. Our team can take down, bundle, transport and install at your new location in a matter of a few days. Other services provide for businesses that are relocating are:

We can also offer you an exchange or pay you for any unused equipment. We are always looking to buy good quality used warehouse storage and material handling equipment. We will travel nationwide and pay cash for good storage equipment ranging from pallet racks to forklifts. Trade-ins are also acceptable for companies that want to upgrade their equipment along with their facility. Having a professional move your warehouse equipment is not only convenient but it is a smart choice too.

We are able to repair your equipment or offer you a replacement if they see damage to the warehouse storage and material handling equipment, and will know all of the safety protocol when reinstalling. Depend on us for the experience and knowledge to give your new facility a floor plan that will make for an efficient work environment while maximizing storage space.

Warehouse Dismantling and Bundling

Dismantling a warehouse is safest and most efficient when handled by an experienced team with proper direction and equipment. The process needs to follow the design of the warehouse. Our expert team at Pallet Rack Systems is more equipped than any general mover because we specialize in disassembling pallets and warehouses. 

We know how much work it takes to run a fully operational warehouse. Don’t know where to start in disassembling your warehouse and other large equipment in the most efficient way? At Pallet Rack Systems, our crews have the experience and resources to efficiently disassemble any size warehouse. Our #1 priority for all warehouse projects is safety. To protect our crew and the products/warehouse, we carefully evaluate the design, equipment, and material in your warehouse to determine the most effective strategy. 

Re-Installation at the New Facility

We began as an installation company in 1971. We’ve been managing projects with over a million square feet warehouse. Our install crews are highly trained to install pallet racks, shelving, mezzanines, modular offices and warehouse storage systems. Our teams are trained to install your storage equipment safely, as to prevent fire hazards and ensure a safe and productive environment for you and your employees. We understand warehouses can be an expensive addition to your business, but our staff will show you the best possible way to maximize the use of your facility and make for a more efficient and cost saving production.

Warehouse Design and Consultation

Are you confident that your warehouse design is the most efficient? In warehouse design, settling for “good enough” could lead to unwanted logistics costs and complications, possibly costing your business tons of money. Even the smallest design flaws can create bottlenecks in your supply chain or harm logistics efficiency. 

Pallet Rack Systems will collaborate with you to develop the most efficient facility design – to improve your new facility and operations. Not only do we develop an optimal layout, but we will educate you and your team on the best material handling equipment and automation solutions for your space. We will offer solutions that work to improve and support your operations while position your business for growth.

We Buy Used Rack

Sell us your used pallet rack for quick cash!

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