Russell Industries provides Hallowell cabinets which are engineered above industry standards. There are a multitude of colors, styles and accessories available.

Cabinet Types Available:

Vidmar Storage Cabinets

Vidmar Storage Cabinets

Vidmar Cabinets are High Density Steel Cabinets that are built extreme tough and designed to last a lifetime.

They have many storage applications including:

  • A great way for Tool Organization
  • Parts Storage, especially smaller items
  • Small Inventory Items
  • Unique use of dividers and different size drawers that store more in less space
  • 100% extend pull out of shelve for maximum view

The challenge for Russell Industries in this situation was keeping small parts and inventory separate, organized and readily available for different Plant Operations. This series of cabinets achieved that and allowed bulkier parts to remain in the Shelving Mezzanine where visibility was more of an advantage.


KD Cabinets

KD Cabinets are designed to provide the highest protection to items such as tools, delicate instruments, supplies and other personal belongings. The lockers are attractive in appearance and are made to meet government requirements.

Some of the standard features of KD Cabinets include:

  • No bolt heads visible for a more attractive appearance
  • 3 point locking for optimum security
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Triple flanged shelf added for support
  • Doors open a full 180 degrees for added convenience


DuraTough Welded Cabinets

DuraTough Welded Cabinets are made to withstand the toughest industrial applications just like the name suggests.

Some of the features common among all DuraTough Cabinets include:

  • All- welded construction
  • 3 point turn handle locking
  • Shelves are adjustable on 3” centers to provide maximum capacity
  • Doors swing out a full 180 degrees

DuraTough has 6 different versions of cabinets in their Classic and Galvanite series which include:

  • Classic Series: cabinets are made from superior rolled sheet steel
  • Galvanite Series: cabinets are made from galvannealed sheet steel to provide protection against humid and moist environments
  • Heavy-Duty Cabinets: to fabricate a fully durable unit, the heavy-duty cabinets are made from 16 gauge sheet steel
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Cabinets: to provide maximum durability, the extra heavy-duty cabinets are made from 14 gauge sheet steel
  • Safety View Series Cabinets: made with polycarbonate panels in both doors to make products visible without compromising security
  • Ventilated Series Cabinets: similar to the heavy-duty cabinets, with the added benefit of being ventilated with perforated doors


High Visibility Cabinets

High Visibility Cabinets are designed to provide optimal visibility without compromising safety with its 3 point handle and adjustable shelves.

The standard features of the high visibility cabinets are as follows:

  • All welded 16 gauge heavy-duty frame from galvannealed sheet steel
  • Single tier
  • 14 gauge doors are created using diamond perforated for maximum visibility and ventilation
  • Heavy-duty hinges (3 hinges per door)
  • 3 point high security turn handle
  • Four 16 gauge steel galvanneal corrosion resistant adjustable shelves
  • Color – Available in charcoal

Surplus Cabinets


All welded, ventilated wardrobe cabinets available. (supplies limited)

Standard Features of Surplus Cabinets:

  • All-welded construction
  • 16 gauge solid sides
  • 16 gauge top
  • 18 gauge solid back
  • 16 gauge bottom (integral 6” base)
  • 14 gauge diamond perforated doors
  • 18 gauge full-height door stiffener for both doors
  • 3 point turn handle latching for added safety
  • Full width 16 gauge upper shelf
  • Stainless steel coat rod