Pallet Rack Industries, a division of Russell Industries, specialize in consulting, design and layout service. If you are looking to increase productivity and reduce operating costs by building a new warehouse or reorganizing your old one, Russell Industries offers a full service consultation at no additional charge to design a new productive work environment for you and your employees. Our design-consulting process is as follows:

  1. Our design team will visit your facility to map out your needs
  2. We use CAD software to create the warehouse layout
  3. Once a layout is decided, our crews will install the new storage equipment

Poorly utilized space is a common occurrence in a warehouse. Wide aisles and multiple products in bins make for an inefficient work space and will quickly take up your storage area. We can maximize your work space along with providing storage equipment that will be more productive with your business. Here are some key steps you can follow to maximize warehouse space:

  • Measure the space and fixed obstacles such as doors, walls, posts and clearances
  • Know the product to be stored and all of its characteristics (storage condition, replenishment, perishable and unit handling loads)
  • Create the material flow paths that will be most efficient for your business
  • Determine auxiliary facility requirements

We can take your existing blueprints and discuss your goals for your warehouse to maximize space utilization. Our team can perform a full onsite evaluation of your warehouse at any location and do routine inspections of your warehouse and storage equipment. We will be looking for damage done by forklifts that can be repaired before causing harm to your employees, as well as overly tight packing of pallets and poor ventilation which could present fire hazards.

We have experience in design layouts for distribution centers, grocery distribution, manufacturing, third party logistic companies, electronic/tech data industries and pharmaceutical supply. Working with different companies has added to our experience and allowed us to work with different blueprints and use different options to maximize storage. We also offer used equipment for customers that are looking to save money when building their warehouse and we buy used equipment from businesses that are downsizing. We hope you can find the right solution for your needs here at Russell Industries.

Our team installs storage equipment systems for: