Rack & Conveyor Safety Nets

Increase safety in any rack or overhead conveyor operation

Warehouse accidents happen. Forklifts hit racks, loaded pallets break, and people make mistakes. Safety netting also known as rack backing, is an economical way to provide full-time, passive protection against falling objects. Safety netting protects your valuable inventory, employees, and customers without sacrificing access.

Why you need pallet rack safety netting

    • Improve Warehouse Safety – Rack backing makes your warehouse safer by reducing the chances of injury.
    • Save Money – Rack backing protects your valuable inventory from damage.
    • Custom Safety Solutions – Rack backing comes in several different types or variations and can be customized to fit your needs.

We offer several types of pallet rack safety solutions. Ask our experts for help deciding which solution will work best for you.

Types of Rack Backing

Wire Mesh Panels

Wire Mesh Panels

Protect your employees and equipment from falling items with WireCrafters RackBack® pallet rack backing panels. RackBack® wire mesh panels bolt directly to the back of your existing pallet rack uprights creating a sturdy barrier between stored items and the ground below.

Rack Netting

Netting Systems

Safety netting made from nylon mesh or high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) is an inexpensive, fast way to make your warehouse safer. We offer products from Incord (Sure-Guard) and Sinco™ products.

Steel Woven Partitions

Steel Woven Partitions

Steel woven wire partitions are the traditional enclosure system specified by architects and contractors. Wov-N-Wire™ partitions from Folding Guard have become an industry favorite thanks to their ability to offer a durable, high-quality access-control solution at a competitive price.