New and Used Rack For Sale

At Pallet Rack Systems we also sell both NEW and USED pallet racking. We also offer a full suite of warehouse services, including: installation, design layout, and custom fabrication. Our experienced team has been installing warehouse storage systems for over 40 years and rest assured, we know what will work for your company. We can install the perfect rack and accessories to fit your system and create a CAD layout that will maximize your storage space and create efficiency.

Teardrop Racks

Roll formed selective rack with teardrop shaped clips that can be quickly adjusted to different heights or reinforced to bear different weights to accommodate various load sizes. Teardrop racking advantages include:

Versatility - supports various weights and dimensions Interchangeable - works with most manufacturers Cost-Effective - cold roll-formed rack is less expensive than Structural Steel Rack

Structural Racks

Structural Pallet Racks are designed to be impact resistant preventing damage from forklift abuse. Structural pallet racking advantages include:

Durability - made to endure impact Versatility - comes in a wide range of sizes, designs and load capacities Cost-Effective - long-term return on investment over cold roll-formed racks

Pushback Racks

Push back racking combines the self-positioning feature of flow racks with the high density of drive-in systems. Pushback racking advantages include:

Density - increases existing storage space by up to 75% Organization - LIFO storage for increased efficiency

Drive-In Racks

A highly specialized type of pallet rack meant for high-density storage and requires a lift to enter, or drives into, the rack structure. Drive-In Racking advantages include:

High Density - our most space efficient option Cost-Effective - maximizes available space

Carton Flow Racks

Slightly inclined storage that uses gravity to move inventory along keeping it easily accessible and better organized. Carton flow racking advantages include:

Accessibility - FIFO storage for maximum efficiency Low Profile - maximizes available space

Keg Flow Racks

Specialized flow racking for craft beer storage. This storage system offers flexibility of storage depth, ease of use, and improved picking flow. Keg flow racking advantages include:

Flexibility - more pick faces and storage density Low Profile - maximizes available space Durability - virtually maintenance free

What is a Pallet Rack System?

Pallet Racking is high-capacity warehouse shelving used to store pallets of products with high weight capacities. There are many types and styles of pallet racks to fit company requirements, including:

Different Ways Pallet Racks Can Be Used

Pallet racks are available in different styles and capacities to adhere to the types of products that are stored. For instance, some pallet racks are built to maximize the building height to maximize your storage capabilities. Others are selected to hold the highest weight capacities to ensure safety for heavy product pallets. There is also pallet rack for perishable items in freezer conditions with a FIFO method to keep the inventory moving. We believe Pallet Rack Systems should be simple to install and priced competitively. For warehouses that are tight on space, pallet racks can be an easy fix to create a whole new more productive work environment.

Solid Installation and Maintenance are Paramount

There are some common rules to follow to maintain pallet rack safety which consists of:

  • Do not overload your pallet rack, this can result it to warp or even collapse
  • Make sure to inspect your pallet rack for missing pieces or damaged parts because this can lead to more damage in the future
  • Have a professional install and take down your pallet rack to ensure safety
  • Make sure your forklift drivers report any damage to the pallet rack immediately
  • Check the ventilation near your pallet racks because poor ventilation or overly tight packing of pallets can present fire hazards

We recommend a once a year inspection of your storage equipment to ensure you're employees are products are safe. Our teams know what to look for and can save you money in the long run by offsetting damage early and preventing further harm to your system.

We pride ourselves on matching your warehouse storage needs to the correct racking system. With our design tools, we can take your blueprints and customize a new layout that will maximize your storage space.

Be sure to make a list of your warehouse and inventory needs and be as specific as possible to make shopping for your pallet rack a simple experience. The more details you have about your current layout and needs.