KD Metal Lockers

KD Metal LockersRussell Industries carries a variety of KD or “Knock Down” metal lockers to fit your personal storage requirements much like the lockers you see in a school.

The different styles of KD Metal Lockers available are:

  • Premium Wardrobe KD Lockers: traditional door lockers designed for storage of personal belongings
  • Maintenance Free Quiet KD Lockers: modern flush door design with safety-minded recessed handle
  • Heavy-Duty Ventilated KD Lockers: strength and ventilation
  • Premium Box KD Lockers: ideal for storing personal items
  • 304 Stainless Steel Lockers: rich appearance with a durable surface; perfect solution for areas susceptible to rust and sanitation concerns; ideal for the food industry and a pool area
  • Uniform Exchange Lockers: industry standard in the uniform distribution system
  • ValueMax Economy Lockers: offer exceptional value, quality and finish at an affordable price; ideal for customers with a limited budget
  • DigiTech Electronic Access Lockers: arrive in day-use mode for shared use and can be programmed for permanent use by management
  • MedSafe Antimicrobial Health Care Lockers: specially formulated powder coat finish protects against bacteria, mold, yeast and mildew guaranteed for up to 20 years
  • Safety View Windowed Wardrobe and Box Lockers
  • DigiTech Safety-View Plus Lockers
  • Kid/Teen Lockers: ideal for kid’s bedrooms, garages, playroom lockers and mudroom lockers
  • Ready Built Lockers: ready to use as soon as you receive them
  • Rookie KD Gear Stock Lockers: open-front and knock-down gear lockers are perfect for sports equipment, gear and tool storage
  • Bulk Storage Lockers: designed to provide maximum security and durability; cost –effective and simple to install; perfect choice for condos, apartments and any facility that requires large, secure storage
  • Galvanite Rust Resistant Lockers: fabricated from prime galvannealed sheet steel; finished with an electrostatically applied high grade power coat finish to protect against corrosion
  • Laptop/Backpack Lockers: electronic access door keeps items secure and allow charging; side ventilation allows maximum airflow for cooling
  • Home Team Lockers: ideal for bedrooms, garages, playroom and mudroom
  • Cubix KD Box Lockers: modular metal box lockers
  • Mobile Device Modular Metal Box Lockers: ideal for use in government buildings, schools, health clubs or any location where personal items, cell phones and tablets need to be securely stored

Welded Lockers

Welded Lockers

Russell Industries carries corrosion resistant, all-welded, heavy-duty construction lockers that are long lasting.

The different styles of welded lockers available are:

  • Max View All-Welded Lockers: four sided viewing and ventilation
  • Task Force XP: emergency response all-welded extreme performance lockers
  • Single Point: welded single-point ventilated lockers
  • Security Max: offer highest available security; extra heavy-duty three-point turn handle and versatility of adjustable interior shelves; ideal for storing tools, gear, sports equipment, uniforms and clothing
  • Turnout Gear/Firefighter Lockers: fully-framed, all-welded turnout gear lockers
  • TA-50 Equipment Storage: secure, durable and guaranteed to last the lifetime of your facility; ideal for storing all of your military storage needs

Wood Lockers

Wood LockersRussell Industries carries high-quality, fine furniture wood lockers. These are ideal for sports locker rooms and fitness centers.

The different styles of wood lockers available are:

  • Recruiter Wood Sports Lockers: durable and long-lasting
  • Club Lockers: wardrobe lockers that are ideal for country clubs, health spas and fitness centers
  • Hybrid Lockers: combination of furniture grade wood doors and steel knock-down style lockers

Plastic Lockers

Plastic Lockers

Russell Industries provides plastic lockers that are ideal for gyms and specific businesses. These lockers are made from solid, high density polyethylene panels for maximum strength and durability. They are also corrosion resistant to most chemicals making these the common choice for a harsh environment.

The two different kinds of plastic lockers are:

  • Aquamax Plastic Lockers: rust proof; ideal for environments with high humidity and moisture
  • Medsafe Aquamax Lockers: contains a specially made antimicrobial agent that permanently resists growth of bacteria, mold, yeast and mildew; ideal for use in medical, educational, retail and manufacturing environments

Phenolic Lockers

Phenolic LockersVersaMax Phenolic Lockers are unique and one of the most durable products available. These lockers are ideal for wet or damp areas with their non-porous surface because the phenolic material eliminates the ability for mold, mildew and bacteria.

Some of the locker features include:

  • Graffiti and scratch resistant
  • Water proof
  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Frameless design maximizes clear opening