Dyna-Drill Cantilever Rack System


  • A large manufacturer of down-hole motor equipment for the oil and gas industry, Dyna-Drill, was in need of additional storage for their new facility. Russell Industries met with the team at Dyna-Drill to develop a plan for more efficient storage of large raw materials for manufacturing (phase 1) and develop an area for finished goods ready to ship! (phase 2). The additional challenge was to accomplish this within proposed budget and on time!


  • We proposed a structural, Cantilever Rack system with specific elevations and sections custom built for finished goods and raw materials. A Guiderail system was incorporated to accommodate side-loader Fork Trucks and narrow aisles to maximize pallet rack density. This new Cantilever System increased overall storage by 50% compared to previous layout!


  • Cantilever Rack allows for storage of longer and inconsistent product or material lengths. Typical select-type Pallet Racks cannot handle these materials due to fixed size of the openings. Being structural, these Racks can handle high weight capacities and are ruggedly built to last decades. Arms can easily be re-adjusted for future product needs. Floor Rail Systems allow for narrow aisle maneuverability and protect Racks from Forklift induced damage.