ARC (non-profit organization) – Remove and Replace Pallet Racks


Unseen issues that occurred during the dismantling of existing pallet racks (phase 1) and installation of new material (phase 2).

Challenges to Overcome:

  • Building contractor did not provide power as promised before Pallet Rack project began.
  • Local scrap dealer did not provide dumpsters for material removal on the scheduled date/time.
  • New pallet rack material did not arrive on proper schedule and in a “buildable” mix.


Russell Industries rolled up their sleeves and quickly changed course by finding alternative solutions to keep the project on schedule.

List of Solutions:

  • Supply auxiliary Generators to supply power and lights.
  • Bring in additional personnel and work 2nd shift.
  • Utilize our proven list of vendors and contractors (amassed through 40 years of business) to correct problems occurred by unreliable local sources.


Delays, changes and circumstances beyond one’s control are a reality in the construction business. At Russell Industries we believe that it more important to solve the problem than spend time complaining and making excuses.

We provide this level of service to all of our customers and will work just as hard for your organization. We never forget how important a project is to our clients and prove it by doing everything possible to accomplish the customer’s goals, on time and on schedule.