We Sell New & Used Carton Flow Rack Systems

Keg Flow

A carton flow rack is a form of storage equipment that uses gravity to move inventory along. It is made up of slightly inclined runways and wheels so as an item is removed from the front, one behind it will slide up to take its place. The main advantage of a carton flow rack is that merchandise remains better organized and it is easily accessible.

Some advantages of the Carton Flow include:

  • Durable; can take regular abuse from forklifts
  • Increased strength, safety and life span
  • FIFO method of storage for maximum efficiency
  • Simple to Install
  • Gravity driven from incline; products are always visible

Keg Flow

Low Profile Span Track

  • Nests between beams
  • Installs between beams for full use of vertical space
  • Fits any pallet rack system
  • Drop-In design easy to add to existing rack without tools

Adding track

  • Requires no tools
  • Because of the design it acts as a carton stop