Are your workers safe?

It can be a difficult question to ask yourself. Let's look at a potential warehouse scenario. You have a pallet of goods 24' off of the ground that your forklift driver is pulling down for a shipment. He misses the pallet entry and the next thing you know¦the pallet falls. Now think what happens when you have part of your crew passing by below. Not a fun thing to think about, but more importantly, it gets us thinking more about safety.

Securing your products is as important as securing your facility itself. While most cities and states require safety netting in danger zones within the warehouse, it continues to amaze me just how many people take the wait-and-see approach. Do you really want it to happen even once?

Safety netting should be one of the first things you think about when installing your pallet rack. It doesn't really matter if It's new or used, it matters that It's there to protect. Russell Industries carries both new and used netting to fit your plant's application.

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Author: Jay Rosen

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Jay Rosen has over 15 years of experience as a lead consultant in the liquidation industry. He has worked side by side with several industry leaders and national retail chains in several successful ventures throughout his career. Jay came aboard with Russell Industries in January of 2011 and has provided warehouse storage solutions for numerous small businesses and industrial companies here in Texas and throughout the nation.