Wire Partitions

A well-organized warehouse is crucial to a business's efficiency and long term success. As we have discussed before, if you can't get your product to your customers in a fast and efficient manner, you are just losing money!

Just as important to your business is the ability to limit access, keep your products secure and keep unwanted individuals away from your products, personnel and property. The use of Wire Partitions can solve many of these problems in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Wire Partitions are utilized to create secure areas, prevent pilferage, enclose work areas and to create customized/accessible areas in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. Great for stock rooms and other secure locations.

A Wire Partition is a better option than using chain link fencing because it is easier to install, can be reconfigured and is modular. Typical uses are for tool cribs, security enclosures for high value stock (cosmetics, electronics, etc), machine guards and pallet rack backing to protect personnel and property from falling objects. Another very popular use is building Dock Door Security Cages to keep truck drivers from wondering around your warehouse. Wire Partitions are utilized by law enforcement to provide holding cells and DEA drug access cages.

Russell Industries has a wide variety of Wire Partitions and other secured storage systems. We have both New and Used inventory available today! We can assist with the install or consult with any design/set-up questions you may have. Contact our (Houston or Irving) locations to speak with a knowledgeable sales team.

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