Wire Decking

A great way to make your pallet racks more efficient is to add Wire Decking. Wire Decks can serve many purposes and can add a safety factor into your racks. Pallet Racks are designed to store pallets just on the beams, but by adding wire decks, your forklift operators will have additional peace of mind knowing that the pallet is always supported. Wire Decks can also serve as a shelf for hand storage or bulk applications. Other advantages include not letting dirt or dust to accumulate and allowing water from the sprinkler systems to flow more evenly.

Wire Decks come in a variety of styles to fit various styles of beams. They can be ordered as WATERFALL (wire mesh cascades over front and back of beams), FLUSH MOUNT (no waterfall) or RECESSED (sits inside of beam step). The most common type is waterfall. Wire Decks also include welded or built in support bars that mirror the capacity of your beams. These supports can be either STEP TYPE which is used with common step beams (channel fits in between steps of pair of beams) or FLANGED TYPE that can sit on structural, Box Type Roll form or even 7/8 step Roll Form. NOTE- Step Type Channels provide better capacity, Flange type provide more versatility.

Wire Decks will also last indefinitely if treated correctly and will meet most Local Fire Codes. Plywood or Particle Board can be a fire hazard and many municipalities do not allow (check with your local Fire Marshall), plus wood will break down after awhile and need replacing. Wire Decks also provide protection from falling objects.

Russell Industries always has available good quality USED Wire Decking in most popular sizes, and STOCKS NEW Wire Decking at very competitive prices. We can also custom order hard to find sizes. Contact us today for more information or to talk with a Sales Representative.

Author: Randy Crider

Title: Sales consultant/Solutions expert

Location: Houston, TX

Born and raised Texan with over 30 years of experience in the Material Handling industry starting as an installer part time in College. Experienced in Sales, Project management and Operations. Married 27 years with 2 daughters.