Wire Decking in Stock!

Having trouble finding quality Wire Decking for your Pallet Racks? Tired of waiting weeks for supposedly on order decks? Look no further! At Russell Industries we always have an excellent selection of new and used wire decking at competitive prices. No back lot full of odd ball sizes rusting away, we carry the sizes growing businesses need to keep their pallet racks safe and functional. We stock new wire deck sized 36 , 42 , 44, and 48 deep in Flared and U-Channel. We are always buying and stocking used 42 x 46 as well.

Wire Decks are an important add-on for your Pallet Rack System. They provide safety for pallet storage usage and an effective shelf or deck for hand-loading situations. See our article on Wire Decking for more details and to help you select the deck best suited for your situation.

Contact Russell Industries today to talk with one of our sales representatives to see how Wire Decking can make your facility better organized, safer and most importantly – more profitable! Give us a call at 877-718-7225 for our main office in Houston or Dallas/Ft Worth location. You can also visit us online at www.palletracksystems.com.