Wire Decking

If you want to make sure your pallet rack is more secure and efficient you can add wire decking. Wire decking is another way to support the pallets other than the beams they are already on. Another way wire decking can be used is for additional hand-loading situations and to store bulk items. Wire decking is a safety feature because it can prevent pallets from falling through the rack structure and the wire allows for water to reach the deck in case of a fire emergency. There are three different types of wire decking as listed below: - Waterfall – the most common type of wire decking; designed so that the end wire comes in contact with the inside of the step beam; most used in lower level hand stacking - Flush Mount – sits at the same level as the beam - Recessed – wire does not hang over the front beam and this type can only be used with beams that have a step Wire decking is most often used as a safety measure and can be seen in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants.