Why Choose Selective Pallet Rack?

Selective rack is a type of pallet rack that is the most common storage system for palletized material. Out of all pallet rack systems, selective rack is the less dense with regards to storage capacity. The main components in selective rack are uprights and beams. Uprights are the vertical components that hold the beams in front and back horizontally, which makes a beam level. For each two uprights with beam levels between them are described as a bay. Pallets sit on the beam levels and is considered a pallet position.

Selective rack is manufactured in roll-formed and structural configurations. Modern roll-formed rack is typically (there are rack manufacturers that use clips or pins) made with the beams that drop and slide into a locking position to the upright without the use of nuts and bolts. Since the connection from beam to upright are easy to assemble, warehouses can adjust these beam levels quickly rather than having to use tools and keep up with hardware.