Warehouse Space Utilization

Warehouse Space Utilization

A warehouse can quickly run out of space for a number of reasons including rapid growth, seasonal peaks, large discount buying, or just a poorly utilized layout design. Poorly utilized space is a relatively common occurrence in a warehouse and is non-exclusive of the inventory type or storage conditions in the warehouse. The most common occurrences of poorly utilized space include low vertical space utilization, wide aisles (over nine feet), and multiple products in single bin locations or partial unit loads being stored in full unit load locations. These types of problems should be addressed with physical layout and workstation design changes.

Russell Industries works with our clients to come up with ideas and solutions to make their warehouse space utilization more efficient and productive. We provide our clients with a full service consultation at no additional fee including:
  • Material handling solutions
  • Automated material handling systems facility design
  • Engineering
  • Facility re-location, expansion, multiple facilities
  • Project management
  • Integration of new or used material handling equipment to fit your needs

5 Important Steps of Maximizing Warehouse Space

1. Measure the space

2. Measure the fixed obstacles (columns, walls, doors, clearances, etc.)

3. Understand the product being stored
  • Define storage condition zones
  • Throughput/replenishment requirements
  • Unit handling loads

4. Create the material flow paths

5. Determine auxiliary facility requirements (offices, dock staging, hold and inspection, etc.)

Russell Industries has a number of resources to help you increase the amount of space in your warehouse and store products more efficiently. We work with our customers to help ensure they are getting the most out of their space and provide them with the tools necessary to accomplish their warehousing needs. Read more about design layout at Russell Industries and contact us today!