Warehouse Selection Decisions

There are a lot of factors when deciding on a warehouse that is perfect for your company. Consider these 10 important factors before purchasing your warehouse.

  1. Location, Location, Location- Take into consideration where your suppliers are located and what shipping costs would be for you and for your customers. Is the location convenient for you and for your clients?
  2. Competition- Compare your warehouse type and style to a competitor. What type of warehouse area does a competitor have with similar cliental?
  3. Accessibility- How easy would this be to get to? Is the warehouse close to a freeway that would make it easy for delivery to be made?
  4. Product Organization- How can your products be organized and stored? Will your products be able to be displayed in a way that is easy to identify?
  5. Growth- Consider the amount of space you could grow into. Do you see your business needing more space in a certain amount of time that would require more warehouse space then your capacity now?
  6. Logistics- Imagine your business running in any warehouse you look at? Can you see your business running smoothly? Do you need a certain amount of doors, loading spaces, inventory, operation offices, etc.?
  7. Employees- Would your employees feel comfortable in the new space? Is there enough parking, lounge areas, lockers? Could there be enough space for the employees to work?
  8. Safety- Do you see any safety concerns that jump out at you? Would your employees need special uniforms or even shoes to operate in this work environment?
  9. Green Options- What type of energy efficient or eco-friendly components was the warehouse made with? What green improvements would you need to make or what improvements have been made that decrease the foot print your business would put using these resources?
  10. Layout- How can you design your warehouse to efficiently run your business? Need help? Russell Industries can create a design layout for your warehouse that can allow your products and business to run smoothly.

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Resource: Trinity Logistics