Used Pallet Rack Mezzanines Save Money and Space!

A used pallet rack mezzanine is an economical choice for the customer that is short of storage space. Mezzanines can either be constructed on top of a current racking system, or they can be setup in another area.

You can also simply add levels to your current system or another used racking system. Your storage needs will determine the makeup of your system, such as the rack sizes, types of racks and number of sections to be included. Another advantage to used mezzanine systems is that additional sections can be easily added as needed. This allows the system to grow with you. They can also be designed with racks that are easily accessible from all sides.

Other Pallet Rack Mezzanine Benefits Include:

¢ Designed with industrial type pallet racking

¢ Power manual storage of inventory

¢ Rack mezzanines are easily dismantled and portable

¢ High density storage

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