Types of Vehicle Restraint Systems

In our last article on Vehicle Restraint Systems we talked about the benefits and need for a system to secure vehicles at your Loading Docks. Today we will discuss some of the pros and cons associated with common types of vehicle restraint systems.

Wheel Chocks

Chocks may be compliant and cheap, but are not secure! Even when properly placed, they can fail because:
  • Trucks can easily drive over them
  • They slip on wet or icy pavement
  • Cannot prevent aggressive pullouts, collapsed landing gear or other detached trailer concerns

Wheel Locks

Wheel Locks are used to create a barrier so trucks cannot move away from dock. Advantages include:
  • Fits a wide range of Trailers, with or without RIG's
  • Works in all weather conditions, including snow
  • Easy to install

Rotating Hook Restraints

Features a unique rotating hook that wraps over RIG securing trailer to dock. Advantages include:
  • Protects against most types of separation
  • Full range restraint from 9 - 30 above ground
  • Virtually maintenance free

Vertical Barrier Restraints

Made specifically made for special trailer applications, including trailers with attached cabs and air suspension. Provides solid, dependable upward pressure to RIG and sustained grip to air-ride units.
  • Low profile design
  • Works with Special trailers such as those equipped with Air Suspension

No matter which system is best suited for your dock, Russell Industries can provide systems from several high quality manufacturers and professional installation to meet any or all of your requirements. Call either of our locations for details and to discuss your needs with one of our experienced salesmen - Our HQ in Houston at 713-692-7225 or DFW at 877-718-7225.