Do I Have Teardrop?

Teardrop Style Racks are by far the most sought after brand of Pallet Racks in the US market. Almost all dealers who stock New Pallet Rack will offer a version of Teardrop and Used Dealers are constantly looking for good quality Teardrop to offer their customers. Teardrop is preferred mainly because they are easy to install and because of the popularity, easy to find replacements or additional racks.

What is Teardrop?

Teardrop Rack was originally offered by Interlake and for years was identified by that name. In the late 80's and early 90's most of the major brands such as (Unarco, Inca, Speedrack, etc.) decided to join them, instead of fighting them and began producing their own version since Interlake's original patent had expired. Interlake countered with the introduction of New Style Teardrop. New Style was designed to keep copies from mixing with their products.
  • New Style Uprights will only work with New Style Beams
  • New Style Beams will work with either the Old Teardrop design or the New Style.
  • Old Style (button type and New Style only work with Teardrop constructed on 2 centers (more in Not Teardrop )

This worked fine for a while until the copies learned to make shaved clip Beams that will work with either style, which is very confusing for the end user!!! These photos will help or refer to our Guides & Information for more information on identifying your Racks.

Old Style Shaved Clips

Not Teardrop!

To add more confusion for the end users are Racks that appear to be teardrop (same shape hole), but use a different size and spacing. Brands such as Frick Gallagher and Paltier look like Teardrop, but are different and use different connection methods. Frontier and Sammons both have a teardrop shape also, but they are larger and have different spacing.

Bottom Line - Try to use the guides as much as possible, but if in doubt, give one of our offices a call and talk with an experienced Sales Representative!

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