Staying Engaged With Your Clients

Your website is a powerful new tool for continuing to engage clients and prospective clients long after a sale is completed. For the first time initiate, introduction to suspects or prospective clients, don't just rely on the typical brochure limitations for interaction. Have your site express your brand with a cohesiveness and impactful presentation. Drive them back to your site again and again with informative e-mails, spots linked to your Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter accounts.

As the main goal, create loyalty to the "Brand" through education and interaction. At Russell Industries, we will turn our first-time customers and long term clients into knowledgeable users of products we sell into the marketplace. We are always attempting to reach a new group of people we may have never have been able to reach through traditional marketing campaigns. Using links to outside social connections have been established as a viable marketing tool, empowering your users. Use these interfaces for both gathering and sharing information, the content and activity on your site will grow exponentially.

Recently, Russell Industries created robust interest throughout our community by promoting an "Open House" and leading the way was our website with invitations and promotions that led to great attendance and created a buzz with the city Chamber of Commerce along with our vendors. We were no longer just another company with a site but a connected part of the community. We were no longer just a reseller of products but an actual extension in the marketplace for the manufactures and suppliers of the products we promote.

The benefits were vast with photo opts and personal engagement we gave faces and personalities to the community and allowed users to network amongst themselves, the starting point, our website and social media outreach!

Supplying a valuable target market with information additionally allowed a snapshot of the provider of products to the end user. Trust was built, a further identity established and brand-identity and loyalty promoted...

Staying engaged will prime your success for the future. This activity needs dedicated mind-share so serious opportunities are followed up on timely and do not fall through cracks and disappear.