Sell Us Your Surplus Storage Equipment

Growing successful businesses rarely stay static. Moves, changes and different strategies are essential steps to stay ahead of the competition. A new business has tight storage equipment budgets and need to make do with what they can afford,. That first warehouse may not be the ideal size or in the best location, but everyone has to start somewhere.

If you are planning to move, upgrade or close your facility, we are interested in discussing what used or surplus material handling, pallet racks or storage equipment you have available. We can also help with expansion or relocation and travel nationwide to remove and disassemble your equipment. No quantity of equipment is too large or small.

We can meet with your company to discuss the best way to update your current system. We will review upgrades that will increase warehouse productivity and efficiency, provide a safer working environment and utilize your warehouse as an sales tool.

Russell Industries not only provides premium new and used Pallet Racks, Drive-In Rack and Pushback Rack systems. We offer Upper Deck/Mezzanine storage and In-Plant Buildings/Structures to increase your existing storage areas.

If you are interesting in selling your existing pallet racking or storage equipment, please give us a call:

Houston – 713.692.7225

Irving (DFW) – 877.718.7225