Sell Your Used Equipment

Many companies in today's marketplace are downsizing their operations or changing out storage equipment they no longer use. The challenge is finding a buyer for the equipment who will be willing to pay you a fair value for the merchandise you have. While you could advertise locally, it's a time consuming process. Advertising equipment is always a hit or miss process at best with no guarantee of selling any (much less all) of the equipment.

A great alternative is to contact a professional liquidator like Russell Industries, Inc. With a proven track record Russell Industries will purchase all your merchandise in one large lot and turn it into cash for your business.

Russell Industries will travel nationwide and pay CASH for good clean used material handling equipment. We specialize in buying large quantities of pallet racks, conveyors, used forklifts and much more. Whether you have one product or a variety of equipment to sell, let Russell Industries turn your storage equipment into cash.

In business since 1970, Russell Industries has two Warehouse locations in Texas to serve you better. No quantities too large or too small, Russell Industries will buy entire warehouses and in larger truckload quantities. Click here for more information on selling your used warehouse equipment!