Selecting the Right Pallet Rack for Your Needs

If you are planning to have an efficient storage solution, chances are you will be using some type of pallet rack. How do you know what you need? To help you figure this out, the team at Russell Industries has created a guide for you to follow.

Click here to print out the Pallet Rack Selection Guide

The following steps will help you to determine what size pallet rack you need.

Step 1

Determine the Rack Height of the uprights/frames by adding the following:

¢ Height of pallet loads (including the pallet)

¢ Height of beams

¢ 4 vertical clearance between top of load and bottom of beam

¢ Sum of above dimensions equals frame/upright height

If pallet loads are stored on the top of the rack, beam location should be at least 6 less than the fork truck's lift height. Also keep in mind ceiling height and the ceiling clearance required by local codes.

Step 2

Determine the rack depth of a single upright/frame. It depends on the design and size of pallet used.

¢ The front and back of the pallet should overhang approximately 3 .

Example: a 48 deep pallet requires a 42 deep frame. (3 overhang for both front and back.)

Also, Don't forget to plan your aisles and make sure you have room for the turning radius of your forklift.

If you need help to determine what type of storage elements you need, call us at Russell Industries and we can come out and help you decide.