The Safety Rail - Protection Exceeded

To improve plant safety a newly designed rail protection system by Bluff Manufacturing "The Safety Rail" has been manufactured specifically to reduce any costs incurred from employee injuries. The efficiency of machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs caused by accidental collisions can cut greatly into an enterprises bottom line.

Russell Industries will order, deliver and install Bluff Manufacturing products including "The Safety Rail" as we are a stocking distributor of Bluff's safety equipment.

The Tuff Guard Safety Rail's newly upgraded design has not only exceeded expectations but now provides more cost-saving solutions. Rails now can withstand impacts of 10,000 pounds traveling at 4 miles per hour. Structural steel ASTM A36 I-beams are replaced with 4x4x3/16 square tubing steel posts. The federal standards for safety barrier testing are an impact of 10,000 pounds traveling at four miles per hour. Bluff Manufacturing made the decision to increase its safety crash standard to a travel velocity of six miles per hour.

To understand the challenges facing plant owners and warehouse managers, such as protecting products and keeping personnel safe, Bluff has received input from many outside resources using their products daily. The goal will always be to manufacturer an outstanding product as well as placing competitive pricing through the resell here at Russell Industries.

The "Tuff Guard Safety Railing" has effectively decreased the weight of the product, the cost of the product and the rail installation time, all adding up to substantial increase in savings to our clients with safety and productivity the end goal and outcome.

As installed by Russell Industries experienced team, the Tuff Guard Safety Rail prevents forklift access into designated areas and protects personnel, machinery, building structures and other equipment and office areas. The original Bluff Manufacturing design, is now more innovative and can be installed quickly with ordinary hand tools and concrete drills.

Docks are busy places and all too often the speed of operation far exceeds four miles per hour. Even using this upgraded performance requirement, the new Bluff Tuff Guard Safety Railing exceeded crash testing expectations with minimal rail deflection.

For more than 40 years, Bluff Manufacturing has been recognized as an innovative leader in the fabrication and design of high quality dock, warehouse, and safety equipment. Russell Industries is based in Fort Worth, Texas as is Bluff Manufacturing.

We both serve the entire U.S. with products through distributor's networks with quick delivery as the standard for items in the company's product line including yard ramps, dock boards, dock levelers, wheel risers, and safety barrier product Crash Guard.

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