Safety First - Part 2

Welcome back! We are going to take a look at a few more crash guard items that will protect against and save you costly damage and repairs. Our extensive line of safety products are all painted OSHA approved bright yellow to allow for high visibility and improved plant traffic.

Our Post Protectors prevent damage to uprights that can be caused by pallets or straddle truck outriggers. They are available in varying heights so that your operators can gauge different load heights. Our standard models can fit around rack posts up to 4 wide. MORE >>

Our Door Track Protectors can minimize or prevent damage caused by drivers backing out too quickly and turning too sharply. When installed properly it protects the most vulnerable area of your overhead door track on your dock door. MORE >>

Our Safety Bollards provide protection for personnel and machinery. They can be installed with heavy floor plates for surface mounts or longer in length to be mounted in concrete for maximum impact protection. MORE >>

Although plant and warehouse safety isn't the most exciting thing to talk about, it sure beats costly repair invoices or potentially devastating injuries. Let us know how we can help you make your 2013, a safe one.

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