Safety First - Part 1

Now I'm sure that no one reading this article has any problems with warehouse or plant safety. Things run smooth and consistent with no surprises. Of course not! As we are now a few weeks into the New Year, focus primarily rests on implementing new budgets, sales tactics or plant and inventory efficiency programs. What about plant safety? What are the proper procedures for your company? What processes or products can be used to reduce downtime or injuries?

Our extensive line of crash guards provides optimum safety at competitive pricing. Proper safety equipment can help reduce the costs that can be associated with insurance claims, employee injury, machinery down time or accidental collisions. Our Safety Crash Guard products protect personnel, machinery, building structures, in-plant offices, aisle ways, electrical panels, tool cribs, conveyors, finished products, receiving docks, cooling equipment, and parking areas

Warehouse Safety Rails are formed from 10 gauge stainless steel and can be installed with simple hand tools and concrete drill. The rounded top rails will provide personnel protection and help prevent injuries. MORE >>

Modular Protective Barriers are easy to install and can be customized to varying guardrail lengths. Our lift-out design allows for quick access to protected areas safely and quickly, without time consuming or costly re-installation needed. MORE >>

Rack Guards are designed to protect the ends of rows in your warehouse. They can prevent your forklift from cutting corners and eliminate costly damage to equipment, product and people. All safety products are painted OSHA approved yellow for high visibility and improved traffic flow. MORE >>

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