Safety First!

Pallet racks are often damaged by forklifts, a different type of collision and/or misuse. Pallet rack safety is a major factor to consider when purchasing your pallet rack. It is smart to set aside costs for forklift training, safety parts and future repairs. Once damage is done to the pallet rack, which most often affects the upright base, it leaves the rest of the pallet rack vulnerable. Often repairing is a lot cheaper than replacing but neither option is ideal if you are on a budget. Below is a list of measures you can take to ensure the safety of your business and your employees.

  • It will be cheaper for you and your company to provide forklift training to your employees which will hopefully prevent forklift damage in the future which is the most common damage done to pallet racks.

  • Another thing to consider would be to widen your aisles; you may be thinking that this is what you Don't want to do because the whole reason for purchasing a pallet rack is to maximize your storage space, however, having narrow aisles can cause more damage to your pallet rack when a forklift is trying to drive down the aisle.
  • Be sure to pick up your workspace; you wouldn't want to walk around someone else's office if it was messy and disorganized, same goes for your warehouse. Not only do cleaner aisles look better, but it is easier for a forklift to navigate around when the floor isn't cluttered.
  • Pallet racking aisles tend to not be well lit so make sure there is decent lighting in your warehouse and it will make for a more efficient and safer workspace.
  • Consider purchasing a guard corner for your pallet rack for protection. Corners tend to collect a lot of damage from forklifts and other various reasons. If a forklift does collide into the corner of your pallet rack, it will cause damage to the horizontal and diagonal braces of the rack.

  • Make sure to get your pallet racks inspected on a regular basis so that if there is a little damage, then the professional can catch that at an early stage and prevent further damage since they know exactly what they are looking for.
  • One idea to make your forklift drivers more cautious as well as a tool to use to find out who has caused damage to the pallet racks would be to paint your forklifts different colors. If you were to find paint on the pallet rack, you can match the color with the forklift hopefully making the drivers more aware and cautious on the job.
  • You can purchase backup alarms, rear view mirrors and rack mounted safety mirrors for added safety.
  • Do not exceed the capacity for the pallet rack; always make sure you are following the requirements so as not to damage the pallet rack.