Russell Industries-DFW Selects Voodoo Robotics' SKU-Keeper Inventory Management System

Dallas, TX (December 12, 2016) – Russell Industries-DFW, a leader in new and used warehouse storage equipment and services, announced today that it has selected Voodoo Robotics' SKU-Keeper for their warehouse inventory management needs. Voodoo Robotics offers innovative cloud-based warehouse inventory hardware and software solutions for any size company.

Russell Industries-DFW, located in Fort Worth, TX, has been a warehouse storage solution supplier and installation company over seven years. They offer new and used warehouse storage equipment, and they are one of the oldest and most respected pallet rack suppliers and installation companies in the Southwest. They specifically chose SKU-Keeper for its robust functionality, scalability and affordable cost.

Voodoo Robotics is an innovator in warehouse automation and provides the most cost-effective and revolutionary warehouse automation products on the market. Based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, the main hub for warehousing and distribution centers in the U.S., Voodoo Robotics currently offers unique solutions to help solve the problem of warehouse inventory management and order fulfillment.

Russell Industries-DFW will be using SKU-Keeper hardware and software as their inventory management system in their Ft. Worth, Texas warehouse. The SKU-Keeper software will provide accurate, detailed information on their inventory from the time it is placed into inventory through picking, loading and shipping.

"We were searching for an inventory management system with flexible functionality that could accommodate the diverse items in our warehouse, track inventory as well as provide efficient fulfillment of orders." said Greg Young, the company's managing partner. "In addition, the complexity and density of our racking systems, along with limited space, required a more intuitive system that could accommodate our specific warehouse layout. We also needed an easy solution that allowed us to implement a very low cost alternative to the many expensive systems out there. We found that SKU-Keeper not only was able to hold our inventory data, but could integrate with our existing system. It gives us real-time data through the cloud after an easy installation with no disruption to our operations. Best of all, with the digital signage on the SKU-Keeper tag as well as its individualized sound, It's exceptionally easy for our warehouse pickers to locate needed items. We liked SKU-Keeper so much that we decided to become a distributor (SKU-Rep)! said Young.

The SKU-Keeper system will provide Russell Industries-DFW with flexible and detailed inventory control, labor accountability and productivity and data visibility 24/7 from anywhere. Also, SKU-Keeper will have the capacity to meet future inventory demands as they expand and grow their facility.

"We are pleased to be part of Russell Industries-DFW operation , said Trevor Blumenau, CEO of Voodoo Robotics. The new SKU-Keeper system shows how our innovative technology can dramatically alter the economics of warehouse inventory management. Our month-to-month leased-hardware business model makes any deployment essentially risk-free! , Blumenau added.

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About Voodoo Robotics

In the warehouse industry, buyers are becoming more cost-conscious and more demanding in order to meet their unique needs. For warehouse owners and managers, their needs have become a quest for accurate and efficient inventory control and picking. Traditional inventory management solutions are expensive and hard-to-implement. Voodoo Robotics offers a unique, IoT device, cloud-based, best-of-class solution with its flagship product – SKU-Keeper. It was designed to solve the problems of knowing exactly what's in warehouse inventory and guide pickers to exactly where items are located. It is the 21st century solution that warehouses need.

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SKU-Keeper is a trademark of Voodoo Robotics.