Reducing Warehouse Accidents

Safety is an important component in a warehouse environment but is often over looked. According to the Department of Labor and Statistics, warehouse accidents cause serious injuries to 20,000 employees each year, and almost 100 of those are fatal. To help prevent unnecessary incidents, review the below shortlist of standard safety tips.
  • Clearly post warehouse rules in high visible areas so all personnel can see.
  • Mark aisles concerning clearance limits.
  • Post floor loading capacity concerning joisted floors.
  • Identify correct lifting and materials handling techniques through posters and other signage.
  • Ensure that all aisles provide adequate clearance.
  • Check that floor drainage prevents water accumulation, which can lead to slips.
  • Design inventory racks and storage areas to be secure and stacked in a stable manner.
  • All storage levels over seven feet should include safety rails.
  • Create a loading dock that accommodates the needs of the warehouse. Include safety rails in the appropriate locations (any space over seven feet high) and make sure all ramps should be designed with a no-slip coating.

We know how busy and face-paced your job can be. If you have concerns in your current warehouse layout or need help designing storage safely, Russell Industries has over 40 years' experience in storage installation. Contact us today for more information.