Rack Rollers

Russell Industries is proud to offer Rack Rollers ! The latest in equipment mobility- Rack Rollers provide you with the flexibility to rearrange inventory shelving at your own request. Save time and money by optimizing space and adapting to changing conditions without having to wait for a store reset!

Benefits of Rack Rollers
  • Rack Rollers come in different sizes to accommodate even the tiniest spaces
  • Do-it-yourself without having to unload inventory or disassemble shelves
  • Rivet shelving becomes mobile in minutes
  • Make room for equipment to be serviced
  • Increase overall warehouse efficiency
  • Can be used on pallet racks and mezzanines when unloaded
  • Several mounting holes accommodate various shelf placements
  • Built-in mounting hardware allows for easy installation
  • Zinc Plated for durability
  • Avoid store reset fees $$$

Russell Industries - Shelving Can Be Moved. from Roller Industries on Vimeo.

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