Push-Back Pallet Rack Systems

Push-back rack systems provide an optimal combination of selectivity and high-storage density. In a last in, first out (LIFO) order, this type of dynamic pallet racking system stores and retrieves pallets from the same aisle while increasing efficiency and reducing pick times. Pushback racks operate by using the simple force of gravity to move stored pallets forward on the rack for easy picking.

How Push-Back Pallet Racks work:

  1. Up to 5 carts are mounted on slightly inclined tracks attached to the standard pallet rack.
  2. Pallets are front loaded, as each new pallet is added, the previous loaded cart is pushed backwards, father into the rack.
  3. Once all the carts are filled, the leading pallet is loaded directly onto the pallet rack rails, securing the row.
  4. As each pallet is pulled off, the following cart rolls forward naturally.

Push-Back Pallet Rack Advantages:
  • With higher storage density and less aisle space, push-back rack systems can store as much as 90% more pallets than selective racks while maintaining immediate access.
  • Pushback racks offer up to 400% more selectivity than drive-in racks.
  • SKU's can be stored on multiple levels of push-back racks with instant access.
  • The nested carts avoid jamming and potential of product damage.
  • Rolling carts are usually color coded for a better visual of inventory.
  • Best of all, the gravity operated system is nearly maintenance free and has no powered components!

If you're looking to maximize space without having to expand into a larger warehouse facility, a push-back rack is exactly what you need. Push-back racks are an economical and efficient storage option that will greatly reduce aisle floor space and dramatically increase your storage capabilities.

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