Project Spotlight- Pallet Rack Systems

In a recent project for ARC (a non-profit organization) it was a Russell Industries task to remove old pallet racks and replace them with new ones. Normally this would be a routine task for Russell Industries but on this task we faced a few issues. These were some of the problems we were faced with: power that was needed for the facility was not provided by the building contractor that we had been promised beforehand, a local scrap dealer did not provide dumpster on time, and the new pallet material did not arrive on time.

So, how did Russell Industries fix these problems? We supplied our own auxiliary generators, brought in additional personnel, and used our developed list of reliable vendors and contractors. At Russell Industries we Don't wait around and whine when things Don't work out as planned, we pull up our sleeves and work around our problems. We provide this level of customer service to everyone we work with no matter the project, and it is our goal to always be reliable and punctual.

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