Project Spotlight- Modular Overhead Storage- TX

Not too long ago Atec, Inc. had a project for us here at Russell Industries. Atec, Inc. is an aerospace company and they needed to add some additional storage to their facility. Atec, Inc. needed additional storage to better utilize space their facility, but they also needed room for testing equipment and workstations. Also, we had to be sure to make the structures easily movable for their dynamic working environment.

From prior experience, Russell Industries knew the obvious choice was the Modular Overhead Storage (mezzanines) structure. The Modular Overhead Storage (mezzanines) structure would allow for spacious overhead storage without sacrificing much floor space, as needed for testing stations which could fit right under the mezzanines. These mezzanines were perfect fit for Atec, Inc. and helped them more efficiently use their facility space.

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