Project Spotlight- Catwalk Mezzanine- OK

A client of ours had recently purchased a new warehouse in Oklahoma City. They thought they needed more space for storage and considered buying some additional warehouse space. However, at Russell Industries we know how to create the best usage of storage space. We had suggested it would be cheaper, and a better use of funds, to create a 2 level storage system that we presented to them.

First, we installed a pallet rack system on the ground which used both new and used parts, in order to keep the cost low. Then, we implemented a mezzanine on top of the pallet racks in order to create a base for the next set of pallet racks. After mounting another set of pallet racks on the mezzanine, we made a catwalk in between each aisle. We were happy to say we completed the project under budget and within six days!

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