Project Spotlight- Cantilever Rack- TX

This project was for a manufacturer of motor equipment for the oil industry, Dyna-Drill. Dyna-Drill had acquired a new facility and was in dire need for additional storage space. So Russell Industries met with Dyna-Drill to construct a plan for more efficient storage of their materials. Our challenge was to complete this project on time and within the specified budget. With the conditions set before us, it was apparent that the Cantilever Rack system was the obvious choice.

The Cantilever Rack system accommodates both finished goods and raw materials very well as it accounts for longer materials and inconsistent lengths with the use of its adjustable arms. With their rugged design, the Cantilever Rack system is built to last and can handle the heavy materials that Dyna-Drill is sure to have. We also incorporated a guardrail along the rack bases in order ensure easier maneuverability and protect products from forklift mishaps. After installation we were pleased to know that we increased Dyna-Drill's storage space by 50% as compared to the previous storage layout. Russell Industries is proud to call this project a success and we are happy to have worked with Dyna-Drill.

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