Pre-engineered Steel Structures Help Streamline Completion of Construction Projects

Prefabricated Steel Structures Quickly Create Mezzanines, Platforms, Towers and More....

Looking for a way to streamline your construction project while reducing your overall budget? Porta-King has the solution with a cost effective and time efficient way to create steel structures for a wide array of construction applications.

Porta-King's prefabricated steel structures are constructed utilizing all structural steel components and are designed in strict compliance with the latest version of the IBC, (International Building Code). We eliminate the time consuming process of on-site welding of components by supplying you with a truly prefabricated system that includes factory installed clips and angles to facilitate quick and easy field assembly of all the pre-cut structural components you will use to create the final structure.

These prefabricated systems can be easily adapted to a long list of structures including mezzanines, fall protection platforms, conveyor cross overs, catwalks, guard and observation towers, elevated office towers, equipment platforms and more.

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