Porta King

Russell Industries sold, delivered and installed this Porta-King Versa Wall Freestanding Building, for a grocery distribution company in Houston. These buildings are great for warehouse office space and offer great tax credits. This building installation is a two day start to finish project.

¢ Modular buildings are an economical solution for small single occupant offices to large multi-purpose office complexes.

¢ Comfort in the knowledge that the investment you make can be moved or modified at anytime in the future without any loss in your initial materials investment.

¢ Design flexibility allows us to create custom layouts for each individual application.

¢ Time tested durable construction features ensure our buildings provide years of trouble free service

¢ Pre-engineered products which streamlines design / architect time

¢ Use extruded anodized aluminum to create the posts and framing components that hold together our modular buildings. The extrusion process enables tighter tolerances compared to machine forming used by many of our competitors. This process ensures better fit and finish for the final product.

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